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Gutter Vac Cleaning System

It is very important to make sure you clear your guttering

on a regular basis as this can cause damage to your property

if left to get blocked. Maintenance of your guttering is not normally an expensive job and is well worth doing before the winter months. I am able to come and clear your gutters also repair or replace with new guttering.

I use the latest high reach Gutter Vacuum System to clear your gutters of leafs, moss and general build up of dirt allowing

your gutters to flow freely again.

A high powered purpose built vacuum is used with extenable

poles that can reach 30 feet or more and a small cctv camera

and monitor.

This system meets the health and safety requirements as the

work is done from the ground.

For a free no obligation quote contact Peter on

07964450040 or 01638 713104